Namibia: Potjiekos 🇳🇦

Flag_of_Namibia.svg Funny thing about cooking is it isn’t always about the recipe. When you think about Southern food, you often think about barbecue. But there’s no recipe for barbecue. Even if I was doing this project from Mars and wanted to prepare barbecue, I’d find recipes all over the map. That’s because barbecue is a way of cooking instead of one iconic dish. Continue reading

Macedonia: Tavce Gravce 🇲🇰


I feel like I undervalue the humble bean in my cooking. They’re so pretty to look at dried, and can taste great cooked even if they lose some of their aesthetic value. But I never try to grow my own beans; I don’t like to use canned beans but it’s a hassle to prep dried beans… at the end of the day, seems like beans just end up taking up space in my pantry looking good and not doing much.

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