Vatican City: Carbonara ๐Ÿ‡ป๐Ÿ‡ฆ


For the Holy See, I had just one thought: Communion wafers.

I mean, when one thinks of Catholic cuisine, that’s about it, right? Glutinous metaphoric bits of bread for parishioners.

But that’s less of a blog post, and more of an April Fool’s Joke.

Cooking pasta carbonara

Eggs. Meat. Cheese. Pasta. What could be better, really?

So instead, I thought about the context of the Vatican โ€“ and Roman cuisine. Italy has such great food, and is one of those countries where identifying a true “national dish” is going to be a challengeโ€ฆ but Rome? The dish of Rome is, of course, carbonara.

One of my favorite meat suppliers, Tails & Trotters, has been harder to get to after a nasty fire last winter. Until they rebuild, I can’t just stop in for some guanciale or pancetta on my way home from work.

But one of the things I love doing with my kid โ€“ one of the ways I’ve beaten the limitations of parenthood I mentioned in the St. Lucia blog โ€“ has been to go to the Portland Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. That’s where one goes to get good pancetta in Portland.

Delicious, savory pancetta, ripe for some rendering.

On a recent Saturday, sitting at home, wondering what to make for dinner, I thought about the pancetta I had in my freezer, the pecorino and parm in my fridge, and the light bulb went off โ€“ carbonara time.

This dish couldn’t be easier to make. Shred cheese, render meat, whisk eggs, boil noodles, mix.

Check out the recipe from the New York Times.

Bucatini carbonara

Bucatini carbonara, but who’s counting.


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