Around the world on a plate

There are more than 200 countries on this planet, and many more nations without boundaries that have their own distinct cultures.

One of the hallmarks of any culture is its food – and it’s what’s led to this little project. Tired of the dinner cycle of pizza, pasta, tacos, salads and grilling – we all get caught in a rut – two Oregonians have decided to tackle the planet one dish at a time.

Our meals will seldom be comprehensive masterpieces. (If you want that, check out United Noshes). This is just a fun way to explore new foods and share our journey. And obviously, this is not a deep, academic-level culinary dive into a nation’s soul – it’s just a chronicle of trying new things.

Our meals will be based on national dishes, food that ostensibly is emblematic of a culture and is widely recognized within a nation as a meal of significance. That’s not to say we’ll always be serving national dishes, nor will we be true to a traditional recipe. It’s unlikely that we’ll find horse meat in Portland, but we may sub it for lamb, for example. We’re not aiming for perfection, we’re aiming for a snapshot.

And we’re not going in alphabetical order, per seInstead, we’re going to go through the alphabet over and over again – we started with Afghanistan, made it through the alphabet at Zambia, and cycled back to Albania then Bahrain.

We hope you enjoy joining us on the journey.


Nick, Emily and Eleanor



2 thoughts on “Around the world on a plate

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  2. This blog is so great – glad I found it! I’m doing a similar thing with my daughter (who is currently 8 years old). I have all the individual country names on a piece of paper in an envelope, and each week we pick a new country at random. Each week we learn a few things about the chosen country, and with my (our) amateur cooking skills, I (we) try and make a meal. This week is Qatar week! Hence, I found your recipe for Machboos, and I’m off to the spice shop tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for sharing your journey and making your recipes accessible! I’ll be back to check up on y’all soon.

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