Ranking the food

A lot of people have asked: What are your favorites?

It led me to wonder how I would rank the dishes I’ve cooked so far. The scale is easy: How likely am I to eat/make them again? The caveat being – some of the dishes may not have turned out great on the first go-round, but would I try to cook them again?

Here’s where we’re at:

  1. Laap isaan (Laos)
  2. Indian feast (India)
  3. Potjiekos (Namibia)
  4. Machboos (Qatar, Bahrain)
  5. Korma (Bangladesh)
  6. Baleada (Honduras)
  7. Mammi (Finland)
  8. Zanzibar pizza (Tanzania)
  9. Couscous (Algeria)
  10. Green fig and saltfish (St. Lucia)
  11. Carbonara (Vatican)
  12. Koshari (Egypt)
  13. Cachupa (Cabo Verde)
  14. Kabuli palao (Afghanistan)
  15. Borscht (Ukraine)
  16. Tonkotsu ramen (Japan)
  17. Shchi (Russia)
  18. Grey peas and sour milk (Latvia)
  19. Tave Kosi (Albania)
  20. Skoudehkaris (Djibouti)
  21. Domoda (Gambia)
  22. Matoke (Uganda)
  23. Frikadeller (Denmark)
  24. Nihari (Pakistan)
  25. Saltah (Yemen)
  26. Sarmale (Romania)
  27. Osh (Tajikistan)
  28. Harees Laham (Oman)
  29. Laplap (Vanuatu)
  30. Poulet nyembwe (Gabon)
  31. Stewed Saltfish with Plantains (St. Kitts and Nevis)
  32. Ackee and saltfish (Jamaica)
  33. Fish amok (Cambodia)
  34. Sadza with peanut chicken (Zimbabwe)
  35. Nshima with ndiwo (Zambia)
  36. Ugali with sukuma wiki (Kenya)
  37. Griots with rice and beans (Haiti)
  38. Kokoda (Fiji)
  39. Ndole (Cameroon)
  40. Encebollados (Ecuador)
  41. Tavce Gravce (Macedonia)
  42. Beshbarmak (Kazakhstan)
  43. Hakarl (Iceland)

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