Kazakhstan: Beshbarmak 🇰🇿


I’ll be honest – I don’t have a very high opinion of horses.

Growing up in Nevăda, I never understood the fascination with the equine creatures. They died out in America after the ice age, along with ground sloths, sabertooth cats and wooly mammoths. They used a lot of food and water in the desert, and I always felt like that food and water was better reserved for either cattle or non-invasive species… but not horses.

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Cambodia: Fish Amok 🇰🇭


I’ve made South Asian foods for years, and it’s usually in a pretty rote pattern:

  1. Chop and sauté onions and chicken.
  2. Add curry paste and some sort of milk.
  3. Add assorted vegetables, serve over rice.

There’s a reason I stick to the formula – it’s simple, and generally adequate. When you’re just looking for some Thai red curry on a Tuesday night, why mess with a simple formula?

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